Water Damage Restoration Project in Little Rock by Service Pro Restoration

Water Damage Restoration  by Service Pro Restoration

Summary - Water Damage Restoration Project

On April 18, 2023, Service Pro Restoration was contacted by the homeowner regarding a water intrusion incident. The water had entered the house through areas previously damaged by a tornado, causing concern over potential water damage in various parts of the home. However, upon inspection, no wet materials were found within the structure.

Water Damage Restoration

Chronology - Water Damage Restoration in Little Rock, AR

Service Pro Restoration responded promptly to the homeowner’s call. The customer was contacted, the site was inspected, work authorization was approved, and the team started work on the same day, April 18. The majority of the work was completed the following day, and the Certificate of Satisfaction (COS) was issued on April 20. The final invoice was also sent out on the same day.

Damage Assessment and Approach

Upon assessment, no moisture was detected, despite the homeowner’s initial concerns of water intrusion due to heavy rains. This determination was facilitated by advanced technological tools. While no actual water damage was found, the homeowner did report a peculiar smell in the foyer closet, which suggested a potential issue with air quality.

To address the homeowner’s concerns, Service Pro Restoration set up an air filtration device (AFD) and a vapor shark. The AFD helped purify the air in the most heavily impacted areas, and the vapor shark was used to eliminate any unpleasant odors. The team made the conscious decision not to use air movers and dehumidifiers as they were deemed unnecessary in this situation.

Water Damage Restoration - Results

After two days, the AFD and the vapor shark were removed. The psychrometric readings for the outside, unaffected, and the wet areas inside were all in acceptable ranges, which indicated that the home was free from moisture. The interior temperature and relative humidity levels were monitored and kept under control throughout the process.

The affected areas of the house, such as the two bedrooms, the hallway, and the foyer closet, remained dry, further supporting the initial assessment that no actual water damage occurred. The equipment used in Bedroom 2, an air scrubber, ran for approximately 1.72 days.


This case demonstrates how a swift and professional response to a potential water damage incident can effectively address a homeowner’s concerns. The team’s decision to use an AFD and a vapor shark, despite finding no moisture, was an appropriate response to the homeowner’s smell complaint in the foyer closet.

By maintaining effective communication with the homeowner and using the appropriate equipment, Service Pro Restoration was able to provide reassurance and address the homeowner’s concerns about potential water damage effectively. Even though no actual water damage was found, their prompt and professional service helped to mitigate the homeowner’s initial fears and manage the situation in an efficient manner. The project was concluded with satisfaction from both parties within a short period of three days.